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"The tattoo attracts and also repels precisely because it is different."  ~Margo DeMello


Cuz I Can Tatoos, Inc.

"Welcome To
Your New Addiction"

Cuz I Can is for everyone who has been told they can't, or for those people who deal with life's struggles alone. I was among that group who was told I can't. It didn't help that I messed up my future as a kid growing up. I've paid my dues and made something work with my passion for art. I’ve been tattooing for 15 years now. Started off doing jail house style tattooing to a more professional style. No more black and greys. I've got colors. Now piercing, I wasn't so big on but my Minnesota shop put me back in the piercing chair. I do technical piercing, surface, dermals and implants. I've been piercing for 5 years. No gageing. I’m not out here saying I’m the best tattoo artist or an award winning artist. I’ve tattooed with and supplied some of big names and nothings different but the price. I’m here to introduce tattoos at an affordable price. So look around at the tattoos, piercings or the models. Feel free to ask questions. There isn’t anything to weird or strange to ask.  Tattoo & Piercing Supplies are also available for purchase.

Erick Matias: 512-656-3351

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Erick Matias: 512-656-3351 • Email: